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Tea in muslin bags + honey


These are carefully selected and balanced herbal combinations that affect our well-being and mood differently.

Dried fragrant herbs are hand-tied in cozy muslin bags. You will find 10 muslin bags in one package.

We paired these tea bags together with mini gourmet jars of "Mieli Thun" honey. Every one of them is different in taste and color, from light floral to heavily smoky, from almost white to maroon. Choose your favorite!

28g of honey in one jar. The bundle contains two jars.

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Hand picked and hand-tied

Dried fragrant herbs are hand-tied in cozy muslin tea-bags. Herbalists and tea masters from "My Cup of Tea" carefully select healing herbs in various countries, including Lithuania, and create combinations of unique, body-enhancing characteristics. You can choose from a variety of herbal mixtures: Camomile & Lavender, Nettle & Mint, Rose & Cardamon, Camomile & Mint, Orange Blossom & Verbena, Yuzu & Lemon Myrtle, Thyme & Marjoram.

Honey - a gourmet ingredient

"Mieli Thun" looks at honey as a gourmet ingredient that can be combined with a variety of flavors. After all, the honey itself can be very diverse, it depends on what materials you collect it from. In this bundle, you can choose from orange blossom, chestnut, lavender, wild flower or apple blossom honey.