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Christmas coffee


This year our Christmas coffee comes from India - the ecological Thogarihunkal Estate.

Tasting specialty coffee from India is a rare experience indeed. In its cup you will find sweet and warming flavors, reminding of aromatic Christmas spices. Magic!

250g coffee beans

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Super shady

The coffee from this estate is rich in flavor as it is cultivated using organic and environmentally friendly methods. The coffee plants are grown under the canopy of a three-tier shade and each layer of the shade plays a crucial role in the growth process. It makes soil more fittable for Catuai coffee trees and keeps lower temperature, so that coffee cherries can ripen slowly and create natural sugars. Later, these coffee cherries are fermented, this way the natural sweetness and spicy flavors are preserved. Therefore, this coffee end up tasting like Christmas!

Roasted by professionals

The coffee is roasted in the Ditta Artigianale roastery in Florence. Its founder is Francesco Sanapo, a three-time Italian coffee champion. He took the 6th place in the World Coffee Championship. Professionalism and high quality standards are the values that Ditta Artigianale follows in carefully selecting and roasting coffee. Their coffee shone in both Lithuanian and world championships.

We recommend brewing

with Aeropress, French Press, V60, Kinto Slow Coffee Style, Kalita or Chemex.
Christmas coffee

Christmas coffee